About Waps Store

When it comes to providing the best cellphone parts and accessories nationwide, GSMSANDWICH is the go-to brand. Housed by WapStore, and based in the hearts of Quiapo Manila, the brand started in the year of 2003, initially catering to the first edtion of cellphones in the Philippines. Shortly after in 2004, the brand ventured in softwares and support such as reprogramming and network passage or openline. Eventually, in an effort to reach more Filipino technicians, the development of GSMSANDWICH forum and website was executed to extend the services of WapStore, and was spearheaded by Steven Chan.
Through the years, the name GSMSANDWICH by WAPSTORE became a household name as the brand continues to uphold its reputation in bringing excellency in terms of quality cellphone parts, accessories, and support whith reasonable prices.
2020, GSMSANDWICH Super Capacity Batteries was launched and is expected to raise the bar as usual.